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Speech & READING SUCCESS course


This course is for parents, caregivers and educators of children birth to six years old.  The age range covers the speech and language developmental time when children are learning language and acquiring preparedness for reading.  The course focuses on what parents and caregivers can expect when a child is learning language. Primarily the program gets the caregiver in the active role of helping the child to succeed with speech and language, as well as reading.

Busy parents and caregivers need an easy and simple way to track and promote speech.

It's true. Busy parents and caregivers need an easy and simple way to track and promote speech words and language development in growing children.  Created by a nationally certified speech pathologist, author, and award wining inventor, the Speech and Reading Success Course offers training for caregivers who want to provide a child the best opportunity to learn language, and become successful at it. It contains digital and actual materials which include the following: five teaching videos, instructional handouts, speech-language material, and two live webinars.

Missing fundamental speech and language skills that occur in the first years of life can have devastating impact on learning and reading.

Children's communication capabilities are strengthened as they acquire speech and language nurturing. They need this for language enriched activities of life such as listening in school, interacting with peers, reading, writing and math.   It is remarkable how with all of the information available to us about speech development and reading, many children continue to struggle and miss foundational requirements of speech growth. My interest is in encouraging parents and families to engage with this information; and to implement it for the children in their lives.  The present and future depends upon this.

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