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This is Us.

You can find the common, biographical and professional information about us on this page.  We are just going to talk about you first.


Possibly you found us because we said that we are here to support people with communication challenges and risks.  If something about that interested you, this is the right place. Particularly if you want to join us in bringing awareness and education to families and caregivers, sign up! We need help. 


About us:

Ayana is a nationally certified speech pathologist who founded Tiptop Speech in order to do further outreach and delivery of services to families, facilities, and clinicians who served patients with aphasia, speech impairments, and other communication disorders.

She was honored to receive an award for her development of a patent-pending language tool by the Association of Women in Sciences of New Jersey. She is also an author and mother.

Pencil and notepad

"At Tiptop Speech, we feel privileged to help people who are affected by speech and language disorders."  

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