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My story starts with yours.
Why I created an award-winning tool to treat aphasia.

Since the beginning of my 20 year career as a speech pathologist, I have observed and worked through the differences in how aphasia manifests in individual patients. The differences of memory, severity  personality and language levels creates variance in the treatment of aphasia. I wanted patients to achieve improvements of speech and language through rudimentary tracking during the speech session.  Along the way in discovering and eventually patenting the WORDStim technique, I met amazing patients, caregivers and clinicians. As a supervisor of new clinicians, I have acquired the ability to meet even more people with aphasia and see them reach new levels of communication. Word finding, speech production, social language and more improve.  Please contact me at to find out how you can help a person with aphasia make a break through.

                                                                                                            Ayana Webb, M.A., CCC-SLP

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Sometimes, people who have dementia, multiple sclerosis or suffer brain injury develop problems speaking, reading, writing, and understanding. This is called aphasia.

Why do people get aphasia? Aphasia is caused by injury to the brain. Injuries can include stroke, surgery, infection, and progressive neurological disease.

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