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Language is the support for literacy and school success.  Every child develops language differently.  However, there are age-level expectations.  Parents and caregivers should know what they are, and how to help children acquire them.  


Parents, caregivers, and educators play a primary role in speech development.  The environment at hime, school, and community that supports language development is the soil that stimulates the beautiful leaves and flowers of language.  


From first words to reading, involvement in language creates exciting memories for children.  One of the reasons I wrote Buzz Words was to aid parents and caregivers in speech and language activities with children.


This is the thing; you cannot hide a problem with language.  It will show itself.  Understandably, parents are worried about a child being teased or “labeled.”  But what needs to change is the community and how it deals with language problems in children.  Beginning with the home, we have to start by acknowledging the difference, and then working to make it better.  Here’s how it happens in Buzz Words.

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