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The gift of Play

My son almost forgot to make his Christmas list! This year has been CRAZY! The last thing that I was thinking about was reminding my son to write his list of dream toys. Through the fear that I have had during this pandemic, I managed to treat patients, help families, and keep patients and family safe from COVID-19.

When your child is aged birth to six, you are often deciding on the toys and play ideas. A tip that I am passing on to you is one that is the result of language and learning research. As a speech therapist certified to provide training for parents and caregivers, I am committed to helping you bring out the best opportunities for children to develop speech, language and reading skills.

Here is just one tip to think about. How can the toy or play experience that you choose for a child help her initiate thoughts, speech, vocalizations or conversation? When children lead on communication and speech output they are exercising their thought and language production. Allow children to take the lead. You can listen and then simply acknowledge the child by saying “okay” or imitating her. This encourages further communication!

We think that the best gift caregivers give children is presence and understanding. If you are ready to understand communication growth using tools that we developed, find out how to get our materials and course.

Sign up for more free tips and information. We are dedicated to children starting off with healthy solid communication skills!

Thank you!


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