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Are you waiting to get help for a speech problem?

How long should parents wait to get help for a child who is not talking? I have heard all sorts of reasons why parents delay seeking a speech-language evaluation for a child. Many parents are discouraged by a spouse, in-law, or other adult family member. Family myths about a person who “didn’t talk until he was eight years old” are examples of how concerns are doubted. Unfortunately, for a child who is delayed and not given timely help, speech and language problems can worsen and lead to difficulties such as social, behavioral, and emotional adjustments. Speech and language serve a purpose, and when children cannot meet their needs with their peers or family, they can experience stress. I recommend that parents inform their pediatrician of their concerns and seek a speech-language evaluation as soon as possible.If you suspect that your child is not communicating on age-level, please talk to your pediatrician and seek a speech-language evaluation from a speech pathologist. Don’t wait! You and your child will be better for it.


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