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See Your Child.

Why? There are many reasons, far too many to list. The saying, "A child should be seen and not heard" has always been troubling to me. I think the initial context had to do with making room for wisdom in the worlds of elders. Let's say we follow this line of thinking; who is actually seeing children these days? I think a lot about how to help parents and educators improve speech and language. Research on speech and language development promotes child-centered activity valuably important for communication growth. In this busy world, how can children be seen? My advice- start with one look. Even if it's the evening of a busy day. Start with a question- What interests my child?

Wonder about it. Then go find out.

Sometimes it takes just one time to realize that you have a whole lot of specialness right there, real close.

Please send me a message at if you want to move along your child's speech development.


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