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Will everything be alright?

Worried parents who contact me about their child have my attention.  No parent wants a child to suffer. Not being able to talk is one of the first struggles that a child with speech delay experiences.  It leads to social and emotional isolation that causes frustration and sometimes, behavioral issues.   I fully understand why parents reach out looking for help. Suggestions for speech services are the simple part of my conversation with parents.  What I want to prepare parents for is the road ahead. I tell parents to “trust yourself.” Do not doubt what you see when you suspect a speech delay.  Take action and obtain speech-language evaluation.  Next- get closer to your child.   Hugs and story time with simple picture books make you a solid comforter and communication partner for your child.  You will begin a better position to receive and understand pre-verbal communication such as gestures and his particular brand of vocal sounds.  Learn about speech-language developmental milestones and get an idea of how your child’s communication behaviors match with them.

Children are unique. With compassion and support, children have the best chance to live with meaning and quality, despite the odds they may face with speech-language delay.


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