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Language is life. Let's talk about it.

When I became a mother, I became concerned about many of the worries of parents who I had coached. I trained parents how to stimulate language development for their children. During these sessions, parents expressed anxiety about "doing it right" or missing opportunities to stimulate vocabulary. After walking in their shoes, I gained more sensitivity for their positions. I learned that there is no magical moment for language stimulation. By paying attention to what interested my son, I was able to model words or language. For example, many children are attracted to the beauty and fascination of trees and leaves. While walking outside or in a park, many opportunities come up to talk about surroundings and the objects in them. Even if a child is not yet saying words, or speaking only a few of them, talking and adding language to natural scenes in the neighborhood can help improve a child's understanding of words. Continue to have fun and create beautiful memories!

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